BMFA fees (£38) must now be paid direct to the BMFA. Make sure you are affiliated with LangarMAC on the Portal. You must also pay the BMFA the £9 CAA fee, you do not need to take the online test if you have an A or B certificate.
Tel: 0116 2440028

Excellent AGM! Please note that subs for 2020 are now being taken, £50 if you pay before 31 January, £60 after that. Paypal GIFT to or cheque (made out to NRCS) to Andrew Brown, 10 Osgood Road, Arnold Nottingham NG5 6RF

Currently eight members have not taken the CAA/BMFA online test, as required by law. If you are one of them, please take it ASAP, you are NOT ALLOWED TO FLY until you have achieved this. (Its dead easy, any problems contact me) Click the link below, please. 

Members will be able to fulfil their legal obligations very simply through their membership of the BMFA. If members give their consent (and pay an additional £9 which the BMFA will forward directly to the CAA), the BMFA will register members with the CAA when they join or renew their membership. This facility will be available from 1st December.


Annual General Meeting of the Langar MAC (Formerly NRCS).

This took place at 8.00pm at Calverton Workingmens Club, 

Collyer Rd, Calverton, Nottingham NG14 6JX on Monday, 2nd December, 2019.

The Committee consists of Chair- R Thompson, Vice Chair G Masters, Treasurer A Brown, Safety Officer  G Bradley, Training Officer and Members Representative S Green. Co-opted members, A McCartney, L Windridge and M Sewell and R Sorrentino. 

The AGM discussed the fees for 2020 and kept them at £50 renewal, £60 new members for the fifth year.

Bob Thompson, Chair, LangarMAC

The latest info on the new CAA rules for model flying

If you have an A certificate or LMA proficiency, it is just a matter of ticking a box to pay an extra £9 with your BMFA renewal fee. Then placing a number (supplied by the CAA) inside each model. If you do not have an A (why not?) then you must take the online test and pay your £9 directly to the CAA. In either case you will be given confirmation of your status by the CAA. It is hardly an onerous task, if a pointless exercise. 
Failing to do this and then going flying then puts you at risk of a fine and possibly even prison, and a criminal record, so for £9 it is not even worth moaning about it.


A fantastic weekend was had by all who came to BMFA Buckminster.

The club booked a Friday and Saturday fly-in at BMFA Buckminster on 12-13 July.

Free to Langar club members, there was a Midland Area Flyin on the Sunday to which we were invited.

  This was a cracking event at a fabulous venue, with close cropped grass and all facilities. We camped from Thursday evening until Monday morning. Also a good number of club members popped down for days. Fabulous wildlife, with Red Kites, Buzzards and Kestrels flying around. Next year is already booked!


If you have a key for the club hut, PLEASE make sure the lock is turned TWICE. This deadlocks it, we keep finding the lock only turned once. MAKE SURE THE GATE LOCK IS SECURE!!!! Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean up before you leave and put tops on coffee jars etc.

If you are last on site, PLEASE check that all doors, including the toilet doors, are locked. Twice in a week it has been left open.





Here is an interesting story from a US guy who visited Seagull Models factory. Bit of an eye opener, far from the sweat shop impression most of us get of far eastern model suppliers, this is a very professional organisation!  Click here


A Riding for Disabled school is now operating at the far corner of the hedge at the back of the South field. Models doing reversals etc have been drifting over this area (and the road) and this has to stop. Please end all southerly circuits halfway down the field AT LEAST.

This is especially for large, fast aerobats and turbine powered models. This map shows the new NO FLY ZONE. Drifting over that area will cause problems for our neighbours and eventually the club. There is an abundance of room further North and East.

If the problem continues, we will have no choice but to move the pilots box further to the North, which inconveniences everyone, so please take notice, and also make sure anyone else flying is aware.



Privacy Notice

In order to bring us in line with the latest Data Protection laws, please read the ‘Privacy Notice’ link at the top of the page.






LANGARMAC IS FIXED WING ONLY. Gas turbine, electric, glow and petrol are all used at Langar.




Glenns new Gee Bee

400cc radial engine!





If you wish to contact us, please do this using the email addresses on the contacts page. This is the quickest method, as this page is not monitored all the time.



A new First Aid Kit is in the toilet building, this one is mostly for eye injuries or burns.

Two older ones are in the pegboard, suitable for cuts etc.

A new foghorn is also in the pegboard for warning of incoming full size.


Please check that the gate is locked every time you go through it!



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