BBQ cancelled this Thursday, 13th June because of the rubbish weather



The nest of Tits have now fledged and gone, but the Blackbird chicks are still in the nest. Quiet please!

Date for your diary!

The club has booked a Friday and Saturday fly-in at BMFA Buckminster on 12-13 July.

Free for all Langar club members, there is a Midland Area Flyin on the Sunday to which we are invited, but there will be a charge for that.

Camping is available at £8 a night.  This is going to be a cracking event at a fabulous venue, with close cropped grass and all facilities. You can camp from Thursday evening until Monday morning if you want. Or just pop down for the day. We have the use of the building for model storage and gatherings at night.


If you have a key for the club hut, PLEASE make sure the lock is turned TWICE. This deadlocks it, we keep finding the lock only turned once. MAKE SURE THE GATE LOCK IS SECURE!!!! Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean up before you leave and put tops on coffee jars etc.



My new Taylorcraft.  Hangar 9, Z26 power

Great weekend at the flyin!


Here is an interesting story from a US guy who visited Seagull Models factory. Bit of an eye opener, far from the sweat shop impression most of us get of far eastern model suppliers, this is a very professional organisation!  Click here


A Riding for Disabled school is now operating at the far corner of the hedge at the back of the South field. Models doing reversals etc have been drifting over this area (and the road) and this has to stop. Please end all southerly circuits halfway down the field AT LEAST.

This is especially for large, fast aerobats and turbine powered models. This map shows the new NO FLY ZONE. Drifting over that area will cause problems for our neighbours and eventually the club. There is an abundance of room further North and East.

If the problem continues, we will have no choice but to move the pilots box further to the North, which inconveniences everyone, so please take notice, and also make sure anyone else flying is aware.



Privacy Notice

In order to bring us in line with the latest Data Protection laws, please read the ‘Privacy Notice’ link at the top of the page.


 The huge Gee Bee of Glenn Masters being prepared. Not flying yet as it has to be scrutinised under the LMA scheme.






LANGARMAC IS FIXED WING ONLY. Gas turbine, electric, glow and petrol are all used at Langar.






Glenns Harvard on a fast, low pass


Freddies Spitfire pics are on the Gallery page now


Ted Cookes latest, an electric Super Constellation.


Warrens new Katana

Glenns new Gee Bee

400cc radial engine!





Bobs  Gee Bee representing the mount of Francisco Sarabia, who broke the Mexico City-New York record and crashed on the return journey into the Potomac and died.



Glenn with a test flight of his Sbach


Andy’s Islander


If you wish to contact us, please do this using the email addresses on the contacts page. This is the quickest method, as this page is not monitored all the time.



ki 84

No, its not a Zero. Its a Ki-84, fastest Japanese fighter of WW2



A new First Aid Kit is in the toilet building, this one is mostly for eye injuries or burns.

Two older ones are in the pegboard, suitable for cuts etc.

A new foghorn is also in the pegboard for warning of incoming full size.


Please check that the gate is locked every time you go through it!



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