On the map you will see Langar airfield to the South of Langar village. The club flying site is located at the South end of the airfield on the peri track at it’s closest point to the road between Langar and Harby.

lang gate

There are two access points to the airfield, the first being the main entrance, that has a memorial to the fields wartime past and the second is the main entrance about half a mile further on and is opposite the entrance to the industrial site to the West of the airfield. This is the entrance to be used. After turning into the airfield you then come to the peri track. Turn right and continue through the yellow gate to the South end of the 01 (North/South) runway.

Please note that LMAC is a gated flying site. Please feel free to park up and walk down to the pits area. Make yourself known to anyone already there, I promise we don’t bite! If you wish to arrange a visit prior to your trip, please drop us an email .

Nearest postcode is: Harby Road, Langar,
NG13 9HQ