Langar Flyin

The Next Flyin will be held on 4th and 5th August, 2018

We want to make the flyin an event for all members, as well as guests.
The flyin will be open to all, not just warbirds or scale, but there will be slots for those, and anyone who wishes a solo slot will get one.  We already have more ideas for keeping our guests (and us!) entertained, but welcome input on any aspect. Please note we will not be doing the food ourselves this year, but our big gas BBQ will be available to anyone to use.
We have clean flush toilets that get the thumbs up from our lady guests, a substantial steel awning to shelter in, a massive pits area, a grass patch to camp/caravan in, and a tarmac runway. Still keeping it free this year so come and visit, be it for the weekend or a couple of hours.