Freestyle Masters

We are pleased to announce that the UK Freestyle Masters competition will be held at Langar on the weekend of April 21/22, 2018. Camping available (£10 per unit- caravan or tent for the weekend- this includes club members) and spectators welcome.




Cost- each unit (caravan/tent) pays £10 for the weekend, Thursday until Monday. This includes club members, myself included.

Facilities- Flush toilets, male and female. Disposal point for caravan toilet waste. (top corner of camping field)

Water is from the standpipe in between the club hut and toilet block.

Club hut with tea and coffee making facilities, heat and light for meetings, evening swaris etc.

Two patio heaters for the outside tables, two oil drums for burning wood.

Seating area outside club hut with tables.

Outside parties to cease by 11.00pm, (you can carry on inside the hut) so as not to disturb others.

Security gate will be locked at night, so inform us if you go out. (There is a nice pub in Harby, one mile up the road)

Main shopping is in Bingham four miles away.

Please take rubbish home with you, this is a major problem for us.

Any trade is welcome but a donation to a raffle or a small percent of any profit is asked for.

All safety concerns are in the hands of your own officers, some of whom are club members and know the rules. We wont interfere if at all possible, its your show, we are here as guests.


Parachute School

Hopefully we wont have a problem, but there are occasions, (flat calm or North /South wind) where the parachute aircraft could sometimes use our runway direction and pass low over us. Obviously we have to give way, an air horn is supplied in the peg box to warn of a landing aircraft, the sequence is to fly farther away over the crop until he has landed. Take offs are supposed to be angled behind us, but as some of the pilots are East European, the rule does not seem to be faithfully observed! If this is likely to happen we will help to keep you informed by watching where they are. Parachutes can sometimes be landed in bad positions, but unlikely. The key is observers. This is all unlikely, but you need to be aware in case. This usually only happens in high summer.